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Advertising with Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce

Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce members can advertise with banner ads and web site links.  Both of these options are a great way to reach local and visiting customers.  Banner Ads can be a great option to gain traffic to your site.

Basic Listing:
Each member in good standing is listed under an appropriate category in the membership directory. The listing includes name, address, phone number and a link to their web site if one is supplied. Members may elect to be listed under two categories with the same company name.
Expanded Listing
$100.00 for initial set up or
$150.00 2 year listing
(which includes intitial set up fee).
Each member in good standing may opt to have an expanded listing that will include a single graphic, logo, or scanned image using 120 X 60 pixels of space in a jpeg form, an e-mail link and up to 60 words of description about company.  You may update your expanded listing 1 (one) time per year.
Banner Advertisements:
$150.00 one (1) year contract or
$250.00 for a (2) two year contract
Each member in good standing can advertise their business by sponsoring a web page on our site.  You can purchase a Banner (468 X 60 Pixels of space, in a jpeg format) which will state this page is sponsored by YOUR Company name along with a logo.  You may update your Banner Advertisement 1 (one) time per year.  All Banner ads will be randomly selected from all who have advertised.  Each time a new page is opened or a page is refreshed, a new ad will be selected, offering the best possible coverage for all.