Welcome to the Franklin Township Chamber of Commerce


Retail and Related Commercial Businesses

The township contains many thriving retail and commercial zones where you can find a wide range of products, services, and restaurants


Corporate Offices

There are numerous office complexes providing space to businesses large and small


Corporate Offices

A number of office spaces within the township provide campus-like environments


Supporting Businesses

To support the commercial businesses in the township there is ample space for trade shows and conferences as well as a multiple hotels for short or longer term accomodations


Trade Shows and Exhibits

The Garden State Exhibit Center is just one facility in the township able to support corporate events and trade shows



There are numerous hotels able to meet a broad range of demands in terms of facilities, locations and pricing



The township is home to several locations ideally situated near major highways and hotels able to host corporate events/conferences, weddings and other large events



The township also contains more than one golf course - ideal for either business or pleasure